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Champagne Taste Bridal, LLC

The nature of our boutique is 90% considered “Off-The-Rack” meaning you fall in love with the gown you try on and you get to take that beautiful gown home for LESS than it originally retailed… an amazing deal! We also offer 2 lines that can be order to the closest bridal size, however, most of our off-the-rack gowns fit just as beautifully. Overall, whether a brand new gown or off-the-rack, alterations will be required, so definitely don’t let that deter you! All of our gowns are of a high-quality designer name and are in peak condition. We work very hard to find vendors, designers, and styles that we know our brides will love! 99% of the time you would not be able to tell the difference between one of our off-the-rack gowns and a gown that came out of our manufacturer’s box. We keep our gowns in the best condition!