Simple and Painless Email Migration

Are you moving from an @gmail or @aol email address to a professional business email that has your domain in it? No worries! You can count on us to migrate it without losing a SINGLE email message.

opened email illustration

Single Email Address

$ 25
one time fee
  • Migrate all email messages
  • Setup redundancy so old emails will end up in the new email
  • Transfer over folders from old inbox to new inbox
  • Import contacts from your old email address

Why Do I Need Email Migration?

Let’s say you have been using that free email address for your business. (We all know someone who still is). You want to get yourself a professional email address with your domain in it, so your customers will see that in their inbox and open it instead of it getting trashed directly or put in spam, right? We understand that created for you, but now you need all of those emails in your old Verizon account into your brand new shiny professional email account, right? No worries! I can migrate every email, contact, and folder in your inbox from your old account to your new one.


Then, what we enable features in your old account to prevent you from not receiving those emails from that one client who keeps emailing your old email address.